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Carlton Vickers is internationally regarded as one of today's most important performers of avant-garde flute music, specialising in the most demanding works of the contemporary and electro-acoustic repertoire. Vickers has remained a ubiquitous presence for well over two decades as flute soloist with the acclaimed Canyonlands New Music Ensemble/Maurice Abravanel Visiting Distinguished Composers Series, and the Cleveland based NO EXIT New Music Ensemble.

In March/2013, Carlton Vickers presented the U.S. Premiere of Brian Ferneyhough's Sisyphus Redux for alto flute solo, as well as the U. S. Premiere of A Small Revelation for solo flute by James Erber. Subsequently, Boston/2015, saw the World Premiere of three major large format works for alto flute solo/electronics, James Erber's daunting Desire Lines for solo alto flute, the massive (22 minute) streaming for solo Kingma System alto flute by Marc Yeats, and Constellations (Process and Static) for alto flute and electronic sounds by Massimiliano Viel, each dedicated to Carlton Vickers.

A detailed overview of Jame Erber's Desire Lines can be found here.

Upcoming for 2016, major commissions for solo alto flute by two of Australia’s most accomplished modernists, Chris Dench and Dominik Karski. Proposed title for Dench, L'aurore est une fille otant son collier d'etoiles ("Dawn is a girl, removing her necklace of stars.")

Carlton Vickers has worked in conjunction with, and has won the admiration of, such prominent composers as Milton Babbitt, Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Martin Boykan, John Cage, Eric Chasalow, Chen Yi, John Corigliano, Mario Davidovsky, Stephen Dembski, Chris Dench, Jason Eckardt, James Erber, Richard Festinger, Don Freund, John Harbison, Jonathan Harvey, Jörg Herchet, Andrew Imbrie, Louis Karchin, Dominik Karski, John Kennedy, Arthur Kreiger, Stan Link, Steven Mackey, Donald Martino, Eric Moe, Tristan Murail, Shulamit Ran, Steve Reich, Roger Reynolds, Andrew Rindfleisch, Frederic Rzewski, Joseph Schwantner, Jeffrey Stadelman, Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, Harvey Sollberger, George Tsontakis, Massimiliano Viel, Scott Wheeler, Charles Wuorinen, Yehudi Wyner and Marc Yeats.

Mr. Vickers has appeared in concerts and recitals spanning four continents. Invitations include the Dresdener Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Musik, DIEM (Danish Institute of Electroacoustic Music), SEAMUS, Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival and the Cleveland Contemporary Players.

His performances are featured on Albany, Bridge, CRI, Capstone, Centaur, New Focus and contextrecords.

Carlton Vickers With His Flutes













"My first experience of Carlton Vickers’ playing was a video of his U.S. Premiere performance of Brian Ferneyhough’s “Sisyphus Redux”, which is the work of an intelligent, sensitive and intuitive musician, who clearly possesses the technique to master this very demanding music. I was very pleased when Carlton asked me to write a piece for him. The result was “Desire Lines” for solo alto flute, a work whose formal intricacy mirrors the multiplicity of influences which underlies it, and which Carlton bought vividly to life at its premiere in April 2015."

James Erber



"Because Carlton Vickers places his extraordinary virtuosity completely in the service of a work, nothing but the highest claim suffices for his interpretations: the joining of a technique that knows no obstacle with analytical ability creates an entirely which is as complete as it is affecting. It is a joy for a composer to meet such a musician."

Jörg Herchet


"A fierce musical intellect, a terrifying, super-human technique and a passion, understanding and intuitive sense for the very essence of sound in music meet in the molten crucible that is Carlton Vickers. This man is the real deal; having worked with him from across continents and then, for the premiere of ‘streaming’ for Kingma system[s] alto flute, in person, I can safely say that I have met no other musician with his prowess and sensitivity – these rare qualities are self evident when you hear Carlton’s spectacular recordings and even more apparent when his performances are experienced live. For the composer, Carlton is the perfect musician as he realises one’s work beyond expectations and imagination; he makes it real – brings the music to life, kicking and screaming into the world."

Marc Yeats






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