selected repertoire


"There is much about your performance that is extraordinary but for me most particularly satisfying is that you do not just 'play' the rhythm (and phrasing), you interpret even within the larger context of utterence. It is truly exciting to hear a rendition which knowingly seeks to relate the technical demands of the parameters to the creation of a vast experiential world: a life mirror as it were."

Donald Martino


"Multiple bravi for the fine performances and the (obviously) long dedication that led to them."

Harvey Sollberger


Babbitt, Milton: None But the Lonely Flute for flute solo

Boulez, Pierre: Sonatine for flute and piano

Cage, John: Atlas Eclipticalis for piccolo, flute and alto flute

Cage, John: Ryoanji for flute and percussion

Carter, Elliott: Scrivo in Vento for flute solo

Carter, Elliott: Enchanted Preludes for flute and cello

Carter, Elliott: Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux for flute and clarinet

Chasalow, Eric: Over the Edge for flute and tape

Chuaqui, Miguel: Mareas for alto flute and electronic sounds */***

Davidovsky, Mario: Synchronisms #1 for flute and electronic sound

Dembski, Stephen: Tubular for flute and piano */***

Dench, Chris: Closing Lemma for flute solo

Eckardt, Jason: Multiplicities for flute solo

Erber, James: A Small Revelation for solo flute **

Erber, James: Desire Lines for solo alto flute */***

Ferneyhough, Brian: Cassandra's Dream Song for flute solo

Ferneyhough, Brian: Unity Capsule for flute solo

Ferneyhough, Brian: Sisyphus Redux for alto flute solo **

Festinger, Richard: The Way Things Go for flute and piano ***

Finnissy, Michael: Sikangnuqa for solo flute

Funicelli, Stanley: Evidence of Things Unseen for piccolo solo */***

Funicelli, Stanley: Anamnesis for flute solo */***

Funicelli, Stanley: What the Dragon Heard for alto flute solo *

Harrison, Lou: First Concerto for flute and percussion

Herchet, Jörg: Komposition I für flöte solo **

Herchet, Jörg: Komposition II für flöte solo **

Karchin, Louis: Fanfare and Pavane for flute solo

Kreiger, Arthur: Intimate Exchanges for flute and electronic tape

Link, Stan: In Ida's Mirror for alto flute and electronic tape */***

Manoury, Philippe: Petit Aleph for flute solo

Martino, Donald: Quodlibets II for flute solo

Quaglia, Bruce: Fantasy Variations for solo flute */***

Reich, Steve: Vermont Counterpoint for piccolo, C flute, alto flute and tape

Reynolds, Roger : Transfigured Wind IV for flute and quadraphonically computer-processed sound

Ricks, Steven: Boundless Light (from texts of the Tibetan Book of the Dead) for C Flute and Electro-acoustic Music */***

Rindfleisch, Andrew: Tears for solo flute

Roens, Steve: Canzona for solo flute */***

Rosenzweig, Morris: Dialogue in Three Parts for Multiple Flutes and Digital Tape */***

Rosenzweig, Morris: What Follows is a Song from the Same Fragmented Masque for flute solo */***

Saariaho, Kaija: Laconisme de l'aile for flute solo

Schenker, Friedrich: Solo II for 1 Flutist **

Sollberger, Harvey: Riding the Wind II, III, IV for flute solo

Stockhausen, Karlheinze: Tierkreis for flute and percussion

Stylianou,Tasos: Sentences for alto flute solo */***

Stylianou,Tasos: Aneresis for C flute, alto flute (one player) and violin */***

Tsontakis, George : Fervore for piccolo and piano

Viel, Massimiliano: Constellations (Process and Static) for alto flute and electronics*/***

Wheeler, Scott: The Small Rain for flute and piano

Wolpe, Stefan: Piece in Two Parts for flute and piano

Wuorinen, Charles: Flute Variations for flute solo

Wuorinen, Charles: Flute Variations II for flute solo

Yeats, Marc: streaming for solo Kingma System alto flute */***


* dedicated to Carlton Vickers

** North American Premiere

*** World Premiere



"One of the greatest pleasures in the life of anyone interested in music is an encounter with a performer of extraordinay excellence. At first acquaintance, I was immediately struck by the astonishing musical gifts of flutist Carlton Vickers. Carlton's performances display mastery of both pyrotechnic dazzle and subtle nuance. Brilliant tone, crisp articulation and judicious use of overwhelming power characterize the sonic surface of his playing. Mr. Vickers' musical vision reflects a clear and keen intelligence at work. His ease with contemporary idioms is most impressive."

Arthur Kreiger



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